Welcome to My home page

I recently joined Amazon Web Services as a Hardware Development Engineer. I graduated with a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from University of Toronto. My supervisor was Andreas Moshovos. I received my MSc (2010) and BSc (2006) degrees in Computer Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University. I was an R&D Engineer at IBM Egypt in the period of Jun.'07-Dec'10.

My research interests span several areas of Computer Design; specifically Data Center design, Computer Architecture and High Performance Computing.

During my PhD, I worked on mitigating memory stalls for emerging and crucial classes of data center workloads. I worked on alleviating instruction supply deficiencies for database workloads, and specifically Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) applications. This research is in collaboration with Pınar Tözün and Anastasia Ailamaki, from the DIAS lab at EPFL. In collaboration with Viji Srinivasan and Ioana Baldini from IBM Research, I worked on precomputation prefetching for emerging classes of Big Data workloads. As part of Moshovos' group, I engaged with research on enabling on-chip DRAM as a last-level cache, and characterizing memory traffic for emerging mobile applications. My research was supported by an NSERC Discovery grant, an NSERC CRD with IBM, and the ECE department fellowship.

Back at IBM Egypt, I worked on a wide spectrum of projects; from parallel programming, to super computing, up to unstructured information management. The most interesting was parallel programming of the Cell Broadband Engine (Cell BE). I designed and implemented branch prediction profiling tools for the synergistic processing elements (SPEs), and developed an experimental 3D imagery high performance application for external customers. Mastering the Cell BE's programming model is a difficult task, but an amazing experience!

My MSc thesis was unofficially supervised by Mohamed Zahran. We proposed a dynamic partitioning algorithm for hybrid last-level caches (LLC). Hybrid refers to a LLC that is not fully private, nor fully shared. I also served as a TA at Cairo University, focusing on the following courses: C Programming, Security and Cryptography, Operating Systems, Digital Design, and Microprocessing.

I like playing soccer, basketball and Play Station! I love reading about politics, psychology and history. Recently I added photography to my hobbies, inspired by the beautiful nature in Canada.